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Applications for the new MPX Node


So I’ve seen all the posts about the new Omnia MPX Node and I can think of a few awesome uses for it myself. I want to hear what ideas you have, how can it make things easier for you? Is it something you will use and if it is do you have the infrastructure in place for it already?



I can hear it myself… it’s not as clean as people make it out to be. That being said, it’s pretty cool to have composite flying around on wifi. I’ve used uMPX by itself for a few years now.



It also has no local insert point on the xNode version. Meaning there’s no way to inject EAS or any other local programming. It’s designed for the EU market where that’s not a problem.



I could see local programming being a problem, but you could just bring EAS back to the studio/TOC and insert it into the air chain that way?

But that does seem like it would be a problem in the long run. Can you feed it normal livewire and have it generate the composite signal, or does it need to be fed a composite source out of the processor?



The problem is the 10,000 foot view. The mpx node is great for guys like EMF who want to send composite from HQ out of a single processor all over the country, but EAS is local, has to hear its monitoring points locally, thus needs to be injected locally.



Right, that makes sense then. I wasn’t looking at its as a wide spread thing just for a simple setup.

Cant most exciters take in local feeds on an analog or AES input, I know the BE I worked with could and would take a GPIO trigger to switch input sources. As long as the exciter will do the pilot when taking analog in, could something like that work? That way you could take the contact closure for the EAS to switch the source when an alert goes out, and switch back to composite when its done sending, keeping everything local to the TX site for EAS at least.

If you really want to go the extra mile you could do a similar thing if you need to have some kind of emergency local programming.