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Welcome to the Broadcasting Tech Forums!

This is a new place to chat about all things broadcasting, while this forum is not intended to replace the Facebook groups like The Broadcasting Club, it is designed to be a place where engineers and other broadcast professionals can come to discuss topics in great detail. The awesome thing about this forum is once a topic is created you can always search for it, things wont get lost or sorted in ways that Facebook wants.

To contact the admins for any reason send an email to

For more info about how to use the forum, continue reading!


  1. A “Topic” is a forum thread. Think of it as a subject for conversation, or for those transitioning from Facebook, its like the first post. - The topic of this page is “How to Use the Broadcasting Tech Forums”
  2. “Posts” are contributions to a topic. Thnk of them as a reply to a Facebook post, or responding to an email on a listserv. Currently you are reading the first post in response to the topic on how to use the forums
  3. The “composer” is the place where you type and preview a new post, at the bottom of your screen. Once you creat your first topic you will become more familiar with the composer.
  4. “Categories” are how the topics and posts are organized, when creating a topic you will have to select a category that fits it best so things stay organized. The mods may move your post around if it belongs in a different category

Topic Titles

When you are posting a new question or thread, put as much detail in the topic title as you can! topics like “help” or “how does this work” are not very useful for getting other members attention, nor does it indicate what you need help with or what you need to figure out. Instead try a topic title such as “How do I add a destination to a Livewire Driver” or “AudioVault is not sending contact closures”. This makes topics easier to find later on and will be sure members who may be able to help can see what you need help with.

Finding Topics/Posts

While the forum is organized into categories you may still need to find a post or topic that has gotten pushed down on the list, to do this we have a wonderful search feature!

If you cant find a topic you are looking for within the category or sub category, there is a :mag: icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right corner of the site next to the user menu. Clicking on the :mag: icon will open a search window, within this window you have the option to search within the category you are currently in or by unchecking the box you can search the entire form.


Do not post on someone else’s topic if you have a different question or the question is already marked as solved. Start a new topic instead.

You can create a new topic by clicking the “New Topic” Button near the upper right

or by clicking the “Reply as linked topic” text to the right of a post (it appears when you hover on the post)


If you would like to contribute to a discussion, you will notice several “reply” buttons. Clicking the reply button next to a post or at the bottom of the thread will open the Composer on the bottom of the screen. The left side of the Composer is for typing. The right side gives you a preview of what your post will look like to everyone else.

To quote someone in your reply, select the text you would like to quote and press any reply button.

To send a notification to, or mention someone in your reply type the @ symbol and begin typing a name, an autocompleter box will pop up, which you can select their username from.

Mark as Solved

If you solved your issue, please post the fix/answer to your topic so others who may run into the same issues can easily find the solution. You can then mark a question solved by clicking the :white_check_mark: icon at the bottom of a post.

What Else Can I Do?

There are actions at the bottom of each post. These buttons have several actions.

  • To let someone know you enjoyed their post, click the :heart: button to “like” their post.
  • You can share a post by clicking the share button, this will generate a share link that you can then post elsewhere
  • You can bookmark a post by clicking the bookmark button, this will allow you to come back to a post later from your profile.
  • If you think a post is inappropriate, or see a problem with a post, click the flag button this will allow you to let the poster know, or moderators know about the problem.
  • The tracking button allows you to change the level of notifications you get on the post/topic

When in Doubt…

Just click around! A great way to get to learn the forum is to explore by clicking on buttons and seeing what they do! Discourse (our forum software) makes it easy for you to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing.

Tell us What You Think!

The #site-feedback category was created to collect any feedback you have about the forums. Post feature requests, bugs, or general comments about the site there. Our admins and moderators will be sure to respond with any info or just to let you know we read your post.

Why Can’t I Do Certain Things?!

New users are somewhat limited for safety reasons. As you participate you will gain the Trust of the community, you’ll become a full member, and those limitations will automatically be removed. At a high enough trust level you will be given even more abilities to help manage our community and make it a great place.

Please note, some posting options will only unlock as your trust level increases. Be sure you use the search box to look for answers and brows other posts to get a feel for the community before you start posting. Getting up to trust level 1 is pretty easy, and to learn more about trust levels, click: here.

Thats should be enough info to get you going on the forum, if you have not yet introduced yourself, go ahead and post an introduction!

And again, welcome to The Broadcasting Tech Forums Community

This post was heavily inspired by the Codeacademy forum post on using discourse


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