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WMTU 91.9 FM Houghton, MI - as of 2017


These are some pictures I took at WMTU in Houghton just before I left. I worked at WMTU as a student for 4 years while attending school at Michigan Tech. Once I graduated I was a contract engineer for WMTU helping finish up some major renovations to the equipment. These pictures were taken after we had finished installing an Axia Element / Powerstation combo to replace the older Radius console we had in the primary broadcast studio.

Below is a picture of the studio rack, featuring an old school axia node! The computer in the rack was built to be silent to run the WideOrbit client and audio server.

Below is the brains of the operation! From top to bottom: you can kind of see the old telos Zephyr IP at the top, the first small dell server was running win7 and was home to the application that backed up our VM system and served as a nice remote management gateway. The next 4 servers are (or were, when I left) in a VM cluster with resource groups to make sure everything was allocated to the proper hardware, here you can see we were passing through a license dongle for the MusicMaster server. The next Dell 1950 was the WideOrbit central server, we would have virtualized, if it was supported by WO at the time. Below that we have a smaller storage server that was used for production work, it was the first 10gig capable server we had, that was connected with fiber back to the computer in the production server. Just below that is a pull out KVM. Under that we have the beast of a storage server, this guy had somewhere around 40TB of storage, and was our iSCSI storage for the VM cluster and served as the storage for our music library that we had just ripped from CD. And finally below that we have a tape backup for all the VMs.

I loved getting this system up and running, it was great to have so many different things to test and make work for our particular situation.

Here we have a computer that was in our CD library running Burk Autopilot

This was my first project as a student, this used to just be a desk and a computer for production work. I overhauled the whole thing and set it up for future video use. It mad a great space to host talk shows since our main studio only had 2 Microphones. I wish I had more pictures of the finished product, but this was the best I could find.

Here is an inside shot of our transmitter rack! We had recently setup a Ubiquiti wifi link between the studios and the tower to send audio up to the TX site via livewire. The plan was to eventually move processing (or get a stereo generator) out to the TX site so we could have a 100% digital air chain.

This tower was great, but just before I left some bad structural problems were discovered in the anchor points, I dont know the exact details but I do know that tower is coming down soon, and WMTU will be moved back to its origonal home on the top of the tallest building on campus until a lease situation can be worked out with a new tower just on the other side of town.

Hope you have enjoyed the few photos I have from WMTU when I was working up there. I’d be glad to go into more detail about what we were doing with our servers and audio infrastructure, just ask away in the replies!